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What made me want to be a developer?

What made me want to be a developer?

The answer is quite simple. Listen to the story of a spark within me, The journey of a spark which shocked me from inside out and made me see myself.

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Β·Aug 18, 2022Β·

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Table of contents

About Me πŸ˜‡

So before knowing what made me want to be a developer, You have to know one thing. Who is Aswin? Or to be more precise, What is Aswin?. Just like declaring a variable before using it. Let me first declare myself and make me and my properties clear. So that there will not be any runtime errors while your brain complies and runs this content.

const aswin = {
  age: 19,
  whenfree: {
    reading: true, exploration: true,
  properties: {
    nature: "stable", creative: true, 
    comparision: true, views: "different",
  variants: {
    developer: true,
    designer: true,
    describer: true,

So most of my properties which are defined above should be clear for you guys as they are quite self-explanatory. Did you really get what I meant by comparison:true ? Did you?.

Take a look at this

Just like declaring a variable before using it.

So that there will be neither any runtime errors while your brain complies and runs this content.

Yes, this is what I meant by declaring comparison:true, and I have one signature sentence which says it all in one line.

P.s. If you still don't get what I meant by comparisons. I just stated that I use comparisons to make content more clear. Read Onn and you will get it on the go.

Alright, So my declaration is over now!. Come now, let's write the main function of this code, I mean, What made me want to be a developer?

What made me want to be a developer πŸ–₯️ ?

Imagine, You bought a cake for yourself as you thought it was value for the money, what if it is very tasty and has only one layer for you to enjoy. That would be saddening, right. Therefore, I am planning to expand this topic to multiple layers so that you could enjoy it. And I can guarantee that it will be a value for time purchase.

My Short-Term Visions πŸš€

I don't like to remember many things because I forget them quite often. I like to think, test and execute things asap. In most cases, the planning for a particular project is done in the execution phase itself. To be more clear, like the RAM in our PCs, once I am switched off all my data that has accumulated over that day (just exaggerating) will be lost, unless I transfer the confidential files to an external drive.

One Historic Choice πŸ“œ

So, Going back to the historic days. Yes, those days were historic for me. Those were the days when I had no aim, no destination, no passion, no achievements and, above all, no marks. I was so silent and introverted that the only time my name was called out loud in class was during the time of attendance.

As mentioned, I don't like to by-heart things (remember a lot of things), and there was this one subject which demanded the same History. As well as this subject which resonated with me, that is think, test and execute Computer Science. I had one choice, either to go to the past by forcing me to learn history, or to learn technology and go to the future.

Ya, you guessed it right, I went to the future and here I am typing this because of that historic choice which I made then.

Long Story Long ✍🏻

I went to school and gave attendance, Somehow learn the whole syllabus in one day before exams, came back and repeated the same things once more. To be more clear, this was me then, before COVID-19.

const aswin = {
  age: 16,
  whenfree: {
    watchyoutube: true;
  properties: {
    nature: "stable",
  variants: {
    averagestudent: true

In May 2020, Covid-19 came in, You and me both were stuck at houses, and now since I got something which I already had, but I didn't have much value for, Time. I started exploring new things, new technologies and since I knew a bit of Java and I loved logic, things started to work out pretty quickly.

  1. For the First Time I Saw Me πŸͺ© !

    The first place where my exploration took me was a random YouTube channel, just was pretty new then. A channel which was releasing coding videos regularly in my regional language, Thanks to Susan Wojcicki(CEO of YouTube) for recommending that channel. I suggest that you should also thank her, As if it wasn't for that suggestion you would have missed this wonderful story of mine.

    Alright, Back to my first exploration I Started learning Programming in C and participated in their daily competition which they conducted online based on each day's topic and on the 8th day (April 19th 2020) I Saw Me. An average boy who never faced an audience because of stage fear. A boy who had literally no achievements to show, for the first time saw his face on a poster with the wordings Congratulation on it.


So, What made me want to be a developer ? πŸ€”

2-Years.png That spark, which was shocked to me then, is still there inside me and after 2 years after I received my first shock on 14th April 2022, I celebrated Two Years of Exploration. I am still exploring and searching for ways to get myself shocked and find new sparks inside me so that I could get yet another variety of shocks.

The Answer πŸ“–

So, I hope you got the answer to the question right. What made me want to be a developer?. Just a Spark, The spark of realization that could also achieve something. The spark of feelings for which I still have to find words. That spark could be there inside you also, all you have to do is to stretch your hands and touch it, Even though it takes a little bit of effort to reach that spark, once you touch it you will be shocked for sure.

One Last Paragraph ✨

Hope, you were able to understand what made me want to be a developer. If you weren't able to understand, that's also perfectly fine. Why?

Cause this writing style as well as my views are different (Hidden Detail: Check my current declaration, one at the top). How are my views different?. You will read it soon!

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