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My Views are Different !

My Views are Different !

Whether it be Ideas, Words or Logic, I like to view them from a different and unique perspectives. Hoping to find out a Unique solution.

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·Sep 12, 2022·

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In the post-credit paragraph of my first blog on Hashnode(i.e. What made me want to be a developer). I had mentioned that my view were different, and It is totally alright if you haven't understood my content then. So here I am back to describe how my view is different.

Why are my views different?

There are so many content writers out there making content on the same topic over and over again in the same format. I am not saying that they aren't useful, but they all have many things in common. To stand out amongst this bunch of content, something has to be unique. I mean, I have to add in something to make them say that "Oh!, This is new!". To be more clear, there should be a Wow Factor, a creative one that makes the readers do the action of "Like, Share and Subscribe".

So as a person, what do I have that no other content creator in this world has?. A thing which no other person could ever replicate or reproduce. The answer is easy!. My views, that is my unique way of viewing things.

Each and every life form born in this universe are unique and most of them have thing capacity which leads to the formation of thoughts and these thoughts just like themselves are unique.

Coming to the answer for the heading of this section, Why are my view actually different?. My views are different because me as a person is different. I am not saying I am special than everyone else. I am also just a common human being just like you all. But you as a person is unique, and you own your own idea, values, thoughts just like that I too own my own ideas, values and thoughts which defines me as a person.

This uniqueness I try to reflect in the content which I craft, and This uniqueness is the Wow Factor which makes my content stand out!.

How are my view different?

The key thing which I found interesting in myself is that I compare a lot of things from words to my thoughts and from my experience these comparisons to an extent were funny and was able to hold my readers in other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

If I am asked to write a content on a particular topic, the first thing which I would do is to find a relatable and funny comparison that the topic as well as the reader can relate in a single view. After finding such a comparison which satisfies all my needs, the next thing which I would do is to create a particular story line to engage the reader. I would be hiding several hidden details in amongst my words and would reveal them at the last paragraph so that the reader goes into an active reading mode. As I am a person who loves logical reasoning, this process also engages me while writing content.

Already, Let's Take an Example for Understanding.

Recently, I hosted a learning bootcamp for "Programming in C" and since I have to market the event for myself. I wanted to find a relatable yet funny theme for my event. This time "Sea" was my comparison. "C" and "Sea", Got it?

So, the whole event was a sea themed one and my catchphrase for the event was "Are you all ready for a dive, in the sea of programming?".

Wait, I have one similar kind of thing, check this out

Literally me for the past two day.

— Aswin Asok (@_aswinasok) August 27, 2022

Advantages of my views

So, I am at the core a developer with ample skills in designing and content writing and if you are about to ask me what all have I experienced with this different views. Then, come, let's read it together.

The Developer

As a developer, I like to develop logic and unique solutions to my problems. When I am given a programming problem. It's quite obvious that it has a clear-cut and efficient solution. But I like to find the logic for myself, it may be already documented somewhere, but l really love the process of finding it. For you as a viewer, it may seem like viewing a maze from the top angle, you know where the exit exists at. But as a person in the maze I get to experience the whole process of finding it by travelling new paths, that could be either the right one or not. If it's the right one, Yae! I won. In the else condition also I won why. I got to see new place, new experience and new suffering and much more.

Sometimes these views of mine are so simple and understandable and hence the code also has a similar structure, but at other times these are complex, and it takes a few looks to get to the real meaning of it(i.e. the meaning which I meant) and this reflects in the code also.

The "Programming in Sea" is much clearer from a learner view point, it has all my requirements. Event Details, Comparison, Funny Element and when they get what I meant. Wow, Factor!!.

In case of the "Pushing My Limits" comparison, it also satisfied all my specs but take a little more time to understand.

Hope you are understanding what I am saying!.

The Designer

As a designer, I use my comparisons in creating a poster/posters of the event. Here, I would like to take into consideration the pushing the limits example. When the idea of such a comparison came into my mind, I only had the visualization of it and no specific words to describe it, and it was through my designer(i.e. me) and I was able to put it into the blank canvas.

Another place where my comparisons came to was rescue was during the name deciding ceremony of the events, and this is what happened in the "Programming in Sea" event. After planning to organize such an event and opening a blank page on Figma to create the deliverables. The first thing I do is to find a creative name for the event and a theme for the posters to follow throughout the event.

The Describer

Alright, Let's see how my comparison help me as a content creator. As a person who creates content (now mostly about myself). My Comparisons help me describe myself and my personal traits in a new way. Comparisons helps me to make myself more clear and Comparison help to me make sure that the reader understands what I actually meant to an extent. If you actually read all my blog and is read this blog until this word, you would have already understood that point more clearly.

One Last Paragraph

Being my last blog for this hackathon, I would like to utilize my last paragraph to thank Hashnode for giving me this opportunity and helping me write so much. Already, after writing four blogs, I am learning a lot of things for myself in this relatively new space.

Thanks to all my followers and regular readers who came along with me in this journey along with me.

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